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The series of UFO tables, characterized by its elegant and evergreen oval or round design, is offered in many standard versions and matching of finishes: UFO in the classic version with veneer top and lacquered base or fully lacquered, UFO-Full fully covered with veneer, UFO-Soft fully covered with soft-leather.

Over the listed dimensions we can produce Ufo tables in "unlimited" sizes. In addition, upon request, it is possible to have marble or back-painted glass tops as well additional functions such as wiring predisposition. All variants have the top completely made of solid multilayer shaped wood; the base has an internal wooden structure, then covered with a moulded shaped cone of multilayer in high thickness, covered with veneer.

Product Code - embl-dt-ufo
Dimensions - Bespoke
Manufacturer - Emmemobili
Finishes - On request
Delivery - On Request
Price - On Request

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