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Saya is a mark, a gesture, a graphic sign, rendered in wood to finish a space like a signature. Fluid in line, warm in material, its silhouette is bold, striking. The sum is more than the parts: Saya inspires inclusion in diverse environments from home to contract.

Made for both residential and contract use, Saya is available as a chair and a stool (in two heights variations 65 and 75 cm - 19 1/2'' and 20 3/4''), manufactured in oak and finished in teak and natural stain. Colour stains -open pore lacquered- include white, black, ochre and three shades of red to permit variable yet cohesive combination.

Product Code - ap-dc-sa
Dimensions - D51xW53.5xH87xSH46
Manufacturer - Arper
Fabric & Finish - On Request
Delivery - On Request
Price - On Request

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