• doodle sofa
  • DK3E4638
doodle sofa1 DK3E46382


From the hand which unconsciously doodles during a phone call, lines of thought spring out. Innocent reflections which go through an accumulative process, unconscious pen strokes, doodles; in the beginning there is just a line and in the end there is a complete, complex piece. Hence the embroidery. The sofa design takes its shape from a folded blanket. The seat is delicate, deep in thought, armrests are soft, the sofa welcoming. The quilting on the upholstery follows the lines of the doodle making it three-dimensional. It is a welcoming thought, a daydream.
Product Code - mrs-s-de
Dimensions - W180xD80xH98xSH46
Manufacturer - Moroso
Fabric & Finish - On Request
Delivery -
Price -

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