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Series of sideboards characterized by their strong design, with diamond faceted doors (folding or hinged) or with drawers. The working for the faceted doors is always made by starting from a single block of solid multilayer wood of cm.9 thickness, worked with CNC processes and then with hand application of the shaped veneers with high thickness.

With this way we maintain the way of the grain of veneer, in spite of different and unsymmetrical thicknesses. The block is then cut to create the single fronts of doors and/or drawers.

It's a combination of technology with skilled hand working. The doors - in cm.180-240-270 versions - have folding opening to allow the complete view and access inside.

Product Code - embl-sb-ch
Dimensions - W240xD56xH95
Manufacturer - Emmemobili
Finish - On Request
Delivery - On Request
Price - On Request

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