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Bloomy is an armchair that evokes the vegetative beginnings of the flower. The bud has become a chair, the open flower a lounge chair and the armchair is the flower in full bloom. The BLOOMY system of armchairs is enriched with new components: two sofas with well-defined lines and with a back with a rounded line. Depending on the covering chosen, it takes on new, classic or contemporary connotations. To complete the range, there is a table that can be used in a variety of situations, either to accompany the sofa and armchairs, or standing happily on their own.
Product Code - mrs-ct-by
Dimensions - W143xD45xH55
Manufacturer - Moroso
Top - LaminamĀ® or multi-layered wood
Base - Base in black or white varnished steel
Delivery - On Request
Price - On Request

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